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Video.... where do we start? It is our bread and butter here at 613Media and we pride ourselves on bringing a unique style and approach to all things we shoot for.  We believe photos are GREAT, but sometimes an experience, show, event, or branded ad is better sold through a video.  Videos give you the ability to pack more into your story.  Click any of the links below and see some of our favorite styles of video we shoot most!


Out of everything we shoot, shooting music videos is one of our favorites.  We love being able to help depict stories of all kinds with big productions, one takes, and run n' gun style videos.  Challenging ourselves to think outside of the box and achieve things we haven't done before is a part of the music video experience we love the most. Got an idea for a song? Give us a shout at the bottom of this page and let's talk more!



Coming from a Branding background before music, these videos are something we love to sit down, brainstorm, and help brands achieve goals with.  We understand marketing can sometimes feel like missionary work.  Let us help you create content with a specific call to action to help create a trackable ROI for content and marketing expenses.  Whether it is covering a sponsored event or shooting a commercial for your brand/company - brand videos are a part of who we are at the core.